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There are so many choices out there for nutritional dog food, but when it comes to choosing what is best for your dog, nutrition needs to be at the top of the list.  Your dog is part of the family, and like any family member you want to ensure she or he gets the best quality of food. 

When a pet gets the care needed, it leads to a happier and healthy life.  This includes an active lifestyle, lots of love and attention, and a carefully managed diet.  At Bloomfield Feed we have teamed up with Purina foods because we have trusted the quality of their feed for decades for our pets and livestock.

A complete and balanced nutrition dog food, made from all-natural ingredients is a key to a healthier and happier life for your dog.

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All our Purina Dog food is made in Canada, sourced from trusted Canadian producers.

Purina continues to set the standard for balanced nutrition for our pets.  They blend nutrients that provide the best support for your dog’s health.  Learn more about the purpose of their ingredients here.

What we love about Purina dog food is that they source the ingredients directly, rather than using a pre-manufactured ingredient that many other companies do. 

Since 1949, our family has trusted Purina products for our pets and livestock.  This is why we love to share the benefits of the wide range of dog foods we sell in our store.  So much research goes into the quality and mix of nutrients and ingredients and the results are proven over time.  Our animals thrive on the same food we sell in our store.

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  • Puppy Food
  • Senior Dog Food
  • Dry Dog Food
  • Wet Dog Food
  • Dog Treats
  • Even Dog Houses!

Stop by our store today and bring your dog! We love pets and will help you choose the best food for your dog.

Dog Nutrition: What should you feed your dog?:

Every breed of dog is different, and one kind of food is not always right for all dogs. The nutritional needs of dogs are based on their age, weight, breed, level of activity and their preferences.
Your dog deserves the best. Nutritional dog food is only good if she or he eats it, so consider your pet’s preferences. There are many reasons to change your dog’s food, and this may be the week to do so!

According to the experts, these reasons include a dog’s age, activity levels, weight, and overall health. As a dog ages, so does her or his health needs. Adapt the food to your pet’s needs and she or he will love you for it – plus be much healthier!
Check the bag - it will have recommendations based on weight. Breed, weight, activity level, and age will all impact how much food you give. Talk to our pet experts at Bloomfield Feed to learn more.
You will want to consider the type of food, the nutritional mix and the specific dietary needs of your dog. Wet or dry dog food? This depends on your dog and your preference. As your dog ages, he or she may need wet food due to dental issues, while dry food may be easier to work with.

Also consider the breed of your dog, as smaller dogs often have faster metabolisms, but need a different size of kibble. Different nutrient mixes, levels of fats, proteins and specific vitamins are also needed for different breeds.
Setting up a feeding routine is key. You will need to find the right place and make that spot dedicated to an eating zone. Dogs should be fed once or twice a day, depending on their needs. Be careful to not overdo the treats, as they are not meant to be a replacement for healthy, balanced and nutritious food. Every dog has it's own personality, so get to know what your dog needs to ensure she or he has the best health.
Human food can be very harmful to your best friend, as can other types of food. You should avoid certain foods such as:
  • Raw Meat - has harmful bacteria that can hurt your dog
  • Bones - they can get stuck in your dog's throat or digestive systems and cause obstructions
  • Chocolate - while you may love it, it is poison to your dog
  • Other toxic food - Grapes, onions and are all highly toxic and dangerous

You love your dog - buy them the best

Not sure what to pick?  Stop by Bloomfield Feed today and talk to one of our in-store experts.  Bring your dog so we can meet her or him as well!  We love dogs and enjoy meeting them!


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When you shop local, you get to buy from people you trust with real life experience and knowledge.  Stop by Bloomfield Feed today and see our wide range of dog food. 

And while you visit our store, stop by and pick up some beef for dinner, direct from the farm at Buis Beef.

We look forward to meeting you and your dog at Bloomfield Feed.  Only the best for our pets and livestock!


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